Previous YIM honorees

The Young Investigator of the Month honor at FIMM is a monthly highlight of a FIMM PhD student or postdoctoral researcher for a recent significant accomplishment.

January: Shabbeer Hassan, Doctoral student, Group Ripatti
February: Sanni Ruotsalainen, Doctoral student, Group Ripatti
March: Dmitrii Bych­kov, Doctoral student, Group Lundin
April: Alyce Whipp, Doctoral student, Group Kaprio
May: Vasudha Ahuja, Postdoctoral researcher, Group Tuomi
June: Pyry Helkkula, Doctoral student, Group Ripatti
August: Minxia Liu, Postdoctoral researcher, Group Heckman
September: Tianduanyi Wang, Doctoral student, Group Aitokallio
October: Paula Iso-Markku (Postdoctoral researcher, Group Vuoksimaa), Mattia Cordioli (Doctoral student, Group Ganna), Aleksandr Ianevski (Doctoral student, Group Aitokallio), and Marjo Nuottamo (Doctoral student)
November: Meri Kaustio, Doctoral student, Group Saarela
December: Disha Malani, Postdoctoral researcher, Individualized Systems Medicine grand challenge research program

January: Aleksandr Ianevski, Doctoral student, Group Aittokallio
February: Tuomo Kiiskinen, Doctoral student, Group Ripatti/ Palotie
March: Yevhen Akimov, Doctoral student, Group Aittokallio
April: Elina Parri, Doctoral student, Group Wennerberg
May: Nina Mars, Postdoctoral researcher, Group Ripatti
June: Sebastian Stenman, Doctoral student, Group Lundin
September: Disha Malani, Doctoral student, Group Kallioniemi
October: Satu Strausz, Doctoral student, Group Ripatti / Tuula Palotie
December: Liye He, Postdoctoral researcher, Group Aittokallio

February: Suvi Virtanen, Doctoral Student, Group Latvala
April: Emma Cazaly, Postdoctoral Researcher, Group Ollikainen
May: Oscar Holmström, Doctoral student, Group Lundin
June: Bulat Zagidullin, Doctoral student, Group Tang
July: Alina Malyutina, Doctoral student, Group Tang/ Heckman
September: Sarang Talwelkar, Doctoral student, Group Verschuren/ Wennerberg
October: Sailalitha Bollepalli, Doctoral student, Group Ollikainen/ Kaprio
November: Rubina Tabassum, Postdoctoral researcher, Group Ripatti
December: Jie Bao, Doctoral student, Group Verschuren/ Horvath

January: Ashwini Kumar, Doctoral Student, Group Heckman
February: Sami Blom, Doctoral Student, Group Kallioniemi
March: Heikki Kuusanmäki, Doctoral Student, Group Heckman (FIMM) and Satu Mustjoki (HRUH)
April: Andrew Erickson, Doctoral Student, Group Mirtti
May: Mehreen Ali, Doctoral Student, Group Aitokallio
June: Kauko Heikkilä, Doctoral Student, Group Kaprio/Vuoksimaa
August: Komal Kumar Javarappa, Postdoctoral Researcher, Group Heckman
September: Alyce Whipp, Doctoral Student, Group Kaprio/Vuoksimaa/ Korhonen
December: Jaakko Leinonen, Doctoral Student, Group Widén

January: Disha Malani, PhD Student, Group Kallioniemi
February: Ashwini Nagaraj, PhD Student, Group Verschuren
March: Maija Puhka, Postdoctoral Researcher, Groups Kallioniemi and Groop
April: Himanshu Chheda, FIMM-EMBL Doctoral Student, Groups Ripatti and Aitokallio
May: Jenni Lahtela, Postdoctoral Researcher, FIMM Technology Centre Single Cell Analytics unit
June: Muntasir Mamun Majumder, FIMM-EMBL Doctoral Student, Group Heckman
July: Balaguru Ravikumar, FIMM-EMBL Doctoral Student, Group Aittokallio
August: Alok Jaiswal, FIMM-EMBL Doctoral Student, Group Aittokallio
September: Riikka Karjalainen, Doctoral Student, Group Heckman
October: Sini Kerminen, Doctoral Student, Groups Pirinen and Ripatti
November: Jarno Kivioja, Doctoral Student, Group Heckman
December: Anna Cichonska, FIMM-EMBL/HIIT Doctoral Student, Groups Aittokallio and Pirinen (FIMM) and Rousu (HIIT)

January: Bhagwan Yadav, PhD student, Group Aittokallio
February: John Patrick Mpindi, PhD student, Group Kallioniemi
March: Katja Närhi, Postdoctoral Researcher, Group Verschuren
April: Anna Cichonska, FIMM-EMBL/HIIT PhD Student, Groups Aittokallio (FIMM), Pirinen (FIMM), and Rousu (HIIT)
May: Dmitrii Bychkov, FIMM-EMBL/HIIT PhD Student, Group Lundin
June: Khalid Saaed, PhD Student, Group Kallioniemi
July: Prson Gautam, PhD Student, Group Wennerberg
August: Pietari Ripatti, PhD Student, Group Ripatti
September: Samuli Eldfors, PhD Student, Group Heckman
October: Suleiman Ali Khan, Postdoctoral Researcher, Group Aittokallio
November: Yu Fu, Master's student, Group Kainov
December: Poojitha Ojamies, PhD Student, Group Kallioniemi


October: Luca Trotta, PhD student, Group Saarela
November: Arjan van Adrichem, PhD student, Group Wennerberg
December: Anna Aakula, PhD student, Group Kallioniemi