FIMMPOD in a nutshell

FIMM is positioned at the interface between the University, hospitals, biobanks and the pharmaceutical industry. This, together with the research topics of the FIMM Grand Challenges, a significant demand for senior level experts capable of handling complex collaborative and multi-disciplinary projects has emerged. Academic group leaders are not enough to handle all these demands, and without formal support and training, postdoctoral fellows and senior researchers may not be sufficiently equipped or motivated to uphold the high standards of FIMM. Thus, spurred by recommendations by the FIMM Scientific Advisory Board, an institutionally sanctioned career development program, FIMMPOD, was launched in 2014 to facilitate recruitment and training of the best postdoctoral candidates, and to support the career advancement of non-PI senior level researchers. FIMMPOD is a pioneering endeavor in Finland to offer "top-down" structured support for postdoctoral training, as opposed to voluntary activity common for self-organized postdoctoral councils.

FIMMPOD supports staff personal-, work-related and transferable skill development. We offer a wide variety of opportunities for networking, training and socializing. We strive to foster a satisfied, positive mindset.

Five core components of FIMMPOD

  1. Recruitment of outstanding postdoctoral researchers
  2. Mentorship
  3. Promotion of mental health and well-being
  4. Development of professional skills and networks
  5. Connecting with colleagues