FIMM promotes life-time learning and is dedicated to developing, enriching, and promoting the study and career paths of its researchers. Together, our research groups, Technology Centre, and Biobank host approximately 80 doctoral and postdoctoral researchers and 25 senior researchers. In addition, we mentor undergraduate students completing their final theses or as summer interns. Our research and technology groups, team-oriented approaches, and state-of-the-art technologies provide unique and rich training and research experiences in molecular and translational medicine. Our links to research and training networks, such as the Nordic EMBL Partnership for Molecular Medicine and EU-LIFE, provide our researchers with numerous opportunities for expanding research competencies, building collaborations, and advancing careers. Importantly, we are always happy to introduce our institute to school students and other interest groups.

Doctoral and Undergraduate Training

Through our doctoral training, PhD students gain theoretical knowledge and practical skills to propel them forward in their research careers, and are provided unique opportunities to explore various future career options.


FIMMPOD is a professional career development program for postdoctoral and senior researchers at FIMM. The goals of the program are to provide opportunities for training and skill development, networking and socializing. We strive to foster a positive mindset to reach a satisfied community.