FIMM Meets Pharma Webinar Series

FIMM Meets Pharma Webinar Series cover image with blue chromosome and FIMM and University of Helsinki logos.


The Institute for Molecular Medicine Finland (FIMM) has for several years been spearheading collaborations from the University of Helsinki with pharmaceutical companies. We are excited to launch a new "FIMM meets Pharma" webinar series which aims to showcase the current scientific frameworks and technological capabilities of FIMM and to spark interest in the pharmaceutical partners for new projects and collaborations. The webinar series will also showcase some of the examples of successful research collaboration between our research community and Finnish and international pharmaceutical companies. The events are organized in collaboration with the Health Capital Helsinki.

Research at FIMM aims to bring health benefits to people and populations. This is achieved through understanding molecular mechanisms of disease linked to registry data, biobanked samples, and individual’s health & disease profiles. Pharma collaborations play a central role in delivering on these translational aims. 

To advance our partnering with Pharma, FIMM hosted a well-received FIMM-meets-Pharma meeting in 2016. This new FMP Webinar Series aims to reinvigorate these activities, to reach new academic-industry partnering horizons. 

Date and time:

20 May 2021, 16:00-17:15 EET (Helsinki)



16:00-16:05 - Introducing the new webinar series

16:05-16:35 - Partnerships to accelerate Precision Medicine (20 min + 10 min Q/A)

Jonathan Knowles, Professor and multi-company board member

16:35-17:05 - FIMM & Finland: an ideal setting for academic-industry collaboration (20 min + 10 min Q/A)

Mark Daly, Director of FIMM

17:05-17:15 Discussion and closing words

The webinar will be organized via Zoom. Please register for the event by following this link. Zoom details will be sent by e-mail closer to the event to those who have registered.

FIMM has close connections to the Helsinki University Hospital and extensive experience with patient sample deep molecular profiling and machine-assisted analysis. In this webinar, we present how we have been able to attract, maintain and increase collaborations with several clinical stage pharmaceutical partners.

Date and time:

Week 25 - exact date will be confirmed soon


Research Director Caroline Heckman (FIMM), Professor Kimmo Porkka (HUS), and a pharmaceutical industry partner representative (to be announced soon)

Date and time:

29 September 2021, 16-17:30 EET (HelsinkI)


Research Director Aarno Palotie, Scientific Director of the FinnGen study and FinnGen industry partners (TBC)