FIMM PhD Student and Postdoc Council

The FIMM PhD Student and Postdoc Council is an independent researcher body that provides the organizational framework needed to effectively organise events, as well as the autonomy to explore and develop new ideas supporting student and postdoc research training. New council members are nominated following a bi-annual cycle, using a voting system.

Current Council members:

Mattia Cordioli (PhD student, Group Ganna),
Aino Heikkinen (PhD student, Group Ollikainen),
Ella Karjalainen (PhD student, Group Wennerberg),
Mari Niemi (Postdoctoral Researcher, Group Ganna),
Sanni Ruotsalainen (PhD student, Group Ripatti),
Mahesh Tambe (Postdoctoral Researcher, Group Heckman),

Contact Persons for Events and Activities:

All students and postdocs at FIMM are welcome to bring new ideas, thoughts, and feedback to any council member and are highly encouraged to get involved in planning events!


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