Building Bridges 2021: Technologies advancing molecular medicine – focus on Nordic infrastructures

Nordic EMBL

Date and time: Wednesday, 1 December 2021, at 9:00-16:00 CET/10.00-17.00 EET
Venue: Hybrid
On-site: University of Helsinki, Meilahti Campus, Biomedicum 1, Lecture Hall 2
Online via Zoom: link and passcode provided in registration confirmation

The Building Bridges symposia series is arranged to bridge basic, translational and clinical research and provide examples of how teams of investigators are working together to advance molecular medicine.  With the 10th Building Bridges symposium we shine the spotlight on technologies used to improve our understanding of health and disease.  In particular, we will demonstrate research advances using infrastructure available in the Nordic region, bridging research and technology development as well as bridging researchers across borders. With an opening and closing keynote from EMBL Heidelberg and EMBL Hamburg, we highlight research infrastructure at EMBL, as well.

Join the symposium and learn more about the research technology and core facility services available within the Nordic EMBL Partnership!

Registration: University of Helsinki doctoral candidates must register in SISU, course code DPBM-194.
All others, please register using the e-form.
Registration deadline: 21 November

ECTS credits: 1,0 ECTS - University of Helsinki doctoral candidates who would like to earn 1,0 ECTS are required to attend the symposium and complete advance readings and follow-up quiz questions provided for each talk. Further information about the advance readings and quiz will be posted on the course webpage as soon as available.

Organizers: The Nordic EMBL Partnership for Molecular Medicine, a Nordforsk-funded Research Infrastructure Hub. The Nordic EMBL Partnership consists of four international research and technology centers:

  • Danish Research Institute of Translational Neuroscience (DANDRITE)
  • Institute for Molecular Medicine Finland (FIMM)
  • The Laboratory for Molecular Infection Medicine Sweden (MIMS)
  • Centre for Molecular Medicine Norway (NCMM)


Time (CET) Speaker
9:00 Welcome from the organizers & setting the stage
Katja Kivinen (FIMM)

Session I:  High resolution technologies in molecular medicine
Chairs:  Pirkko Mattila, FIMM and Vilja Pietiäinen, FIMM

9:10 Opening Keynote: From genotype to phenotype with single-cell resolution
Oliver Stegle (DKFZ & EMBL Heidelberg)
9:45 Single cell analysis for precision cancer medicine
Caroline Heckman (FIMM)
10:10 Discovery of novel anti-chlamydial compounds through a multi-strategy screening approach
Barbara Sixt (MIMS)
10:35 Break: coffee & tea
11:00 Aarhus CryoEM - on the path to in situ structural biology
Thomas Boesen (DANDRITE)
11:25 Mechanisms of imipridones in targeting mitochondrial metabolism in cancer cells
Sebastian Martin Waszak (NCMM)

Pitches for lab visits

Ahmad Ali-Ahmad (NCMM):
CryoEM structures of centromere complexes – collaboration between NCMM and cryoEM facility in Umeå (MIMS)

Björn Schröder (MIMS) & Anni Nieminen (FIMM):
Defining dietary effects on mouse gut microbiota metabolites with metabolomics

Nanna Møller Jensen (DANDRITE):
Patient-derived slice-model as a low throughput screening method

Anna Eriksson (CBCS):
Collaborations with Chemical Biology Consortium Sweden (CBCS): The Swedish national platform for small molecule screening

Antti Hassinen (FIMM):
Phenotypic screening of patient -derived primary cells (FIMM-NCMM collaboration

12:20 Lunch break (light lunch provided for those attending on-site)

Session II:  Models, characters and structures
Chair:  Nikolina Sekulic (NCMM) and Thomas Boesen (DANDRITE)

13:15 Structural basis of ATP8B1/CDC50A regulation revealed by Cryo-EM
Thibaud Dieudonne (DANDRITE)
13:40 Unbiased characterization of cells using single-cell analysis
Johan Henriksson (MIMS)
14:05 The zebrafish as a model organism to understand and treat complex genetic disorders
Camilla Esguerra (NCMM)
14:30 Break: coffee & tea
15:00 Diagnostic modelling in the context of cancer heterogeneity
Emmy Verschuren (FIMM) & Sarang Talwelkar (FIMM)
15:25 Closing keynote: EMBL Imaging Centre: the technology development we need for the imaging challenges we face
Simone Mattei (EMBL Heidelberg)
16:00 Closing words
Organizing committee led by Katja Kivinen