Photographic Collection, Archive and Library services

The Photographic Collection, the Archive and the Library are open by appointment. If you are interested in using our material or our services, contact our customer service by e-mail at the address


Photo services


Photo fee


€30 per photo (up to size A4) for others

€40 per photo (size > A4)

Multimedia fee

The multimedia fee is charged when a photo is used in several versions of a single product, as well as for unchanged reprints. The fee enables the photo to be used, for example, in printed and electronic formats for an exhibition. On websites, photo size cannot exceed 72 ppi, 1920x1080.


Publishing fee, advertising and other commercial use


Starting from €100, depending on the context of use

Photo mailing


€10 + current price for the storage device

Specialist services (e.g., image editing and information services)


€40 per hour, minimum fee of 0.5 hours

Photography and post editing


€70 per hour

Express delivery fee

Delivery in 1–2 days (as separately agreed, not always possible)

€40 per order

Photography by external parties in the museum facilities




€80 per hour; €150 per hour outside opening hours

All prices include VAT




 Terms of delivery

Photos are delivered for one-time use. Any reuse must be agreed with the Helsinki University Museum. The right to use the photos cannot be assigned or sold to a third party.

The photos cannot be edited or altered without separate permission. Any editing or altering must be mentioned in conjunction with the published photos. Measures to improve the quality of the photos (e.g., adjusting sharpness, removing dust or spots, or cropping) are not considered editing or altering.

When the photos are published, Helsinki University Museum and the photographer must be credited by name.

Clients are responsible for respecting copyright and privacy when using the photos.

The photos must be deleted after use and cannot be archived, copied or distributed without permission from the Helsinki University Museum. Customers must provide the Helsinki University Museum with one copy of the publication in which the University Museum’s photos are used.

The delivery time is approximately two weeks.