When Everything Changed – Photographs of the everyday life of the University community in the middle of the pandemic

In March 2020 everything changed. The University premises were closed due to a new and unknown coronavirus. The university community started to work and study remotely.  Homes were full of life even in daytime. Meeting places were closed, events cancelled. New ways to work and relax had to be invented. This selection of photos, collected from the university community, reflects its members’ feelings in the exceptional circumstances.  

We asked the University community to send in photos of their everyday life during coronavirus in order to document these exceptional times at the university. Some photos were chosen for the online exhibition and some will be included in the museum’s photographic collection. Photos were collected from 10 Dec 2020 to 31 Jan 2021. We thank all who participated in the documentation.

The online exhibition was opened on the 381st anniversary week of the University of Helsinki on 24, March 2021.


Ideation of the exhibition: Tiina Kosunen / University of Helsinki Communications and Community Relations and the workgroup of the Helsinki University museum.

Realization of the exhibition: Workgroup of the Helsinki University Museum: Susanna Hakkarainen, Anna Luhtala, Susanna Paasonen, Marika Tarkiainen, Jaana Tegelberg, Pia Vuorikoski.

Translations: Merike Holmberg, Tomas Sjöblom, Pia Vuorikoski.