Domestic animal sculptures by Anton Ravander-Rauas

Herman Anton Ravander (Ravander-Rauas as of 1937) was a comparatively late bloomer as an artist. He worked as a window dresser, for example, for the Elanto retail cooperative until his friend gave him some clay to create an animal sculpture in late 1926. Ravander produced his first work of art, a relief depicting a courting capercaillie, on New Year’s night 1927. His career as a sculptor really took off in the 1930s when he received a sizeable commission from the Ministry of Agriculture which needed a series of Finnish domestic animal sculptures for educational use. This led to the creation of a collection of 34 sculptures of prime animal specimens of the 1930s.

In 1971 the artist donated just over 100 plaster sculptures of domestic animals to the Agricultural Museum of the University of Helsinki, where they remained on public display until the museum’s closure in 2013. The collections of the Agricultural Museum were transferred to the Helsinki University Museum in 2012.

Vainon-King, 1930, plaster, ca. 35 x 42 x15 cm, University of Helsinki.Vilpas, 1935, plaster, ca. 32,5 x 47 x13 cm, University of Helsinki.Lohdutus, 1946, plaster, 44,5 x 53 x12 cm, University of Helsinki.Östen, 1939, plaster, ca. 30,5 x 43 x 19 cm, University of Helsinki.Mahti, 1933, plaster, 26 x 37 x 20 cm, University of Helsinki.