Campus exhibition: Agnes Sjöberg & Walter Ehrström

A small-scale exhibition of two groundbreaking veterinarians is on display on the Viikki Campus in the EE-building, Agnes Sjöberginkatu 2.

Agnes Sjöberg (1888–1964) was, as far as is known, the first female veterinarian in Finland and all of Europe. As was customary at the time, she got her education in Germany and defended her doctoral thesis at Leipzig University in 1918. Soon afterwards she returned to Finland and worked as a veterinarian in Ostrobothnia, among other places.

Walter Ehrström (1890–1966) was a pioneer of Finnish milk control and milk hygiene. He held the position of City Veterinarian in Helsinki for a long time and created a milk control system for the city in the 1920s. This led to a significant improvement in the quality of milk. It was not long before other cities and towns began to organize their milk control according to the example set by Helsinki. The principles set down by Ehrström are also the foundation of much of the current EU-legislation on the matter.

People and animals gathered around veterinarian Agnes Sjöberg’s reception in Kauhajoki.Scale model of a cow shed with log walls.Agnes Sjöberg’s instrument bag.The Ehrström section of the exhibition.A prize of the Milk Control Society.