Artefact Collections

The Artefact Collections are comprised of scientific research equipment, furniture and objects pertaining to festive tradition and student life. Visual aids that have been used in teaching and devices and instruments used for research in the fields of physics, chemistry, physiology, geology and astronomy among others have all been transferred to the museum collections.

The Museum holds a vast collection of artefacts pertaining to medical history. The collection includes medical instruments, furniture and tableware that originate from hospitals all over Finland,  as well as health care equipment and diagnostics equipment pertaining to medicine, nursing, veterinary medicine and dentistry.

Electric tinderbox.Anatomical model representing a horse's head.Celestial Globe. Since classical times the celestial sphere used to be displayed as if it was viewed from the outside.Maternity package from the year 1974.Bundle of sticks. Crofters used to pay rent in the form of corvée (labour). A day's work was registered by a groove on a stick known as a "pulkka" in Finnish.Post–World War II infant formula. Birth control pills. Dental chairs. Waxwork depicting an infant suffering from smallpox. The waxwork is a part of a larger collection of similiar wax sculptures known as  "Ylppö's children".Exercise in macramé.Hippie inspired cardigan, made in an atelier. 1967. Designer Ulla Bergh-Snellman, embroidery Margareta Kuntzi.