Book a mobile storage unit for thesis materials

Students of the University of Helsinki can borrow a mobile storage unit for storing material needed in their research or thesis work. The storage trolleys make it easy to store and move working materials around the library facilities.

The storage units can be found at Kaisa House, Kumpula and Viikki Campus Libraries and Learning Centres Aleksandria and Minerva. In addition, Viikki Campus Library has storage lockers for which you can borrow keys from the customer service desk. Keys for the storage units in Aleksandria, Minerva and Kaisa House can be borrowed from the Kaisa House customer service desk. 

The loan period for the storage units is 28 days. Making a request for a unit is free, but for requests that have not been picked up you will be charged a fee of €3. The overdue fine for storage units is €1/day, with a maximum total charge of €15.

You are not allowed to keep reference material or material you haven’t checked out in the unit. If necessary, the library staff have the right to unlock a storage unit that is currently out on loan, and inspect its contents.

The units can be located using the Helka database, with the keyword “gradukärry”. Go to the Helka database here.