Recreational facilities

The library’s recreational facilities are meant to be used for taking a break, and informal working and talking. Here eating is allowed, but please keep the facilities tidy and clean up after yourself. Please make phone calls in the designated phone areas or somewhere to the side, so you do not disturb others.

A more extensive recreational area is located on the entrance floor (third floor) at the back corner of the Kaisaniemenkatu street side of the building. The area also includes a separate break room for students for 6-8 people, which is equipped with a microwave oven, electric kettle and vending machine.

Another, smaller recreational area is located on the seventh floor, at the Fabianinkatu street side of the building. This area is equipped with a coffee machine and it provides access to Kaisa House’s wonderful rooftop terrace which is open from spring to autumn.

A student break room for about 14 people is located on the lower ground floor of Learning Centre Aleksandria. Room is equipped with a microwave oven, electric kettle, refrigerator and some dishes.

The recreational area for Learning Centre Minerva is located near the entrance, around the spiral staircase. There are no soft drink or coffee machines, but the space is well suited for eating your packed lunch.

There are cafeterias handily located near all library locations and learning centres.

Well Kaisa House serves customers on the second floor of Kaisa House. You can enter the cafeteria from the Vuorikatu or Kaisaniemenkatu streets, or by taking the escalator down from the Aleksandria lobby.

Well Terkko serves Meilahti Campus Library customers on the first floor of Terkko Health Hub.

UniCafe Physicum serves Kumpula Campus Library customers in the Physicum lobby.

UniCafe Korona serves Viikki Campus Library customers in the Infocentre Korona lobby.