The courses will familiarise you with academic information retrieval and management from the point of view of the materials and data systems of the University of Helsinki. 

  • Do you want to become more effective in finding books and articles for your seminar thesis?
  • Are you familiar enough with various databases and their search functions? 
  • Are you planning on using the RefWorks application to save and organise your references? 

These courses aim to develop the information seeking and management skills needed in your studies and research.  

Which course? What will I learn?
Information Seeking and Management for Thesis Writers, Massive Open Online Course Information seeking for thesis topics: creating search terms, searching for information in international databases, evaluating sources
Practical courses on information seeking on different campuses These courses cover the same content as the MOOC but through practical exercises
RefWorks Reference Management course The functionality of the reference management application and how to use it

The courses are designed for undergraduate and doctoral students at the University of Helsinki as well as University staff. The courses are free of charge for University of Helsinki students and employees. 

The courses can be taken free of charge by all students of the University of Helsinki, including students with the JOO flexible study right and Open University students. 

Customers from outside the University of Helsinki can take the MOOCs free of charge.

If you are an external customer of the University of Helsinki and would like to take one of the Library courses, you can find further information under Customers from outside the University: 

You should take the course when its contents are useful in your studies or work. You can also take the course to revise your knowledge if you are returning to the University after a longer break.

Which course? When?
Student’s Digital Skills course or learning materials Beginning of studies, first year
MOOCs, practical courses in the computer rooms of the campuses* When you are completing your bachelor’s or master’s thesis, or writing some other longer thesis for the first time
Specialised or advanced information retrieval courses, e.g., reference management When needed, at any point of your studies or research career
Information Management for Doctoral Candidates
(LIB-900 and Health-145)
At the beginning of doctoral studies

* Primary recommendation: MOOC. The practical courses in computer rooms are offered especially to people who want courses with contact teaching.  

Participants register for the courses mainly online via a form.

For the MOOCs, you can register directly in the course area. First log in using your University user credentials (Haka login). You can access the course after you add yourself as a student in the course area (in the course dashboard on the left). You do not need a separate course key.

The following courses yield credits in the Sisu register: 

  • Courses for doctoral students (LIB-900 and Health-145)
  • (Moodle exam for Student’s Digital Skills)

The MOOCs will not be registered in Sisu; instead, students who have successfully completed the course can print an automatically generated certificate of completion in the course area. However, this is not an official registration of completion.

If you study at the University of Helsinki, please contact your degree programme to find out if you can have the course recognised as part of your studies.

Do you want to take one of the library courses but do not study or work at the University of Helsinki? 

Helsinki University Library offers a selection of online courses and learning materials that are open and free of charge to everybody. 

The regularly organised courses (practice groups in computer rooms) are free for students of the University of Helsinki as well as employees and students of the following organisations: 

  • University of Helsinki Open University
  • Helsinki University Hospital (HUH)
  • HUS Helsinki University Hospital (HUS)
  • Finnish Meteorological Institute

The practical course can also be taken free of charge by students who are completing separate study modules at the University of Helsinki, for example, students with the flexible JOO study right. 

If you wish, you can also take a practical course (computer room course) as a customer from outside the aforementioned organisations if  

  • There is room on the course 
  • You pay the course fee in accordance with the price list. 

Read the course descriptions and registration instructions carefully. 

When your place on the course has been confirmed, agree the payment of the course fee with the teacher. 

  • As an individual customer from outside the University, you can pay the course fee at the library’s customer service desk.
  • If the course is taken by a group from outside the University (only on separate agreement), check the invoicing details with the teacher.

Are you teaching courses in academic writing, a bachelor’s seminar or some other corresponding course? Do you need to guide students in seeking information from databases and evaluating the credibility of sources? 

In your teaching, you can make use of the Library learning materials or recommend courses from the Library offerings to your students.

Have you perhaps studied information seeking on a library course but still need more help?

The library provides guidance on information seeking during the academic terms.

The service is targeted at the students and staff at the University of Helsinki.

The library offers special support in information retrieval to students of the University of Helsinki who need this service due to a learning difficulty or some other reason. For example, you are entitled to personal advice on information retrieval (one hour) to support your studies.

  • Please contact the library to agree on organising additional support. Explain where you need help and suggest times suitable for you.
  • A specialist from the library will contact you and ask for additional information, if required.