Learning Centre Aleksandria

Learning Centre Aleksandria has hundreds of computers and study spaces for members of the University community. The Learning Centre can also be entered through Kaisa House.

Space for learning also in the evenings and on weekends

Aleksandria is closed for the time being. To get the entrance to Examinarium electronic exam room, please call the porter tlf. 02941 23265.

Current week (25)
Day Building Customer service
Mon 21.68.00 - 19.45
Tue 22.68.00 - 19.45
Wed 23.68.00 - 19.45
Thu 24.68.00 - 17.45
Fri 25.6Closed
Sat 26.6Closed
Sun 27.6Closed

Night access

Aleksandria is closed for the time being. Aleksandria is not available outside the opening hours with the night access key.


The Learning Centre has about 340 computers for independent study. The 70 computers on floor 1 are reserved for quick use. To use the computers in Aleksandria, you need a user account for the University of Helsinki.


IT support is available via telephone and e-mail at Helpdesk. There's also a chat service on the site.