Support for researchers

Helsinki University Library organises training in information retrieval and reference management online and on the campuses, including courses in the use of the RefWorks reference management software.

As part of University of Helsinki Data Support, Helsinki University Library offers training to researchers and students on implementing and planning data management.

  • The RDM Basics course introduces the basics of research data management.
  • Data Management Plan workshops focus on drawing up data management plans (DMPs). Workshops are organised especially in conjunction with Academy of Finland funding application calls.

DMPTuuli is a tool for creating a data management plan, and it will guide and provide instructions for researchers at various stages of drawing up the plan. The DMPTuuli workshops provide guidance in using this tool. 

In conjunction with funding calls, University of Helsinki Data Support experts review data management plans on request. 

The Helsinki University Library offers personal guidance in information seeking for doctoral candidates and staff of the University of Helsinki in more demanding information retrieval.

Helsinki University Library organises e-book training on the use and features of e-books in various services.

Library organises training according to demand and tailors a training session to meet your needs. Library services and service addresses can be found in Flamma.