Open Science and Research

Openness is the starting point for and a fundamental value of science and research. At its best it promotes equality and generates educational and cultural capital. Knowledge and learning are for everyone.

A broader use of research results, data, methods and infrastructure as well as learning materials, both in the research community and in society at large, increases the impact and dissemination of research knowledge. It also builds trust in science and research. Openness helps research-based knowledge make an impact on society and paves the way for new innovations. This makes the responsible implementation and adoption of openness part of the basic skill set of researchers at the University of Helsinki.

On this page, we describe various options and services for open access publishing and research, as well as the support for open scholarship offered to the University community. Our services and support take into account the recommendations of the University and research funders, as well as national and EU-level participants in open science and research.

Services to support open science and research

The Helsinki University Library produces and provides services to research community for opening research publications and data according the strategic goals of the University of Helsinki.