Info screens

Your advertisement will be shown on the screen at least 10 times an hour, or 110 times during a working day.

During University terms, the Main Library is visited by approximately 7,000 customers a day.

There are 16 info screens in the Main Library. The entrance hall of the Main Library and the Aleksandria lobby have 55-inch screens and other locations have 47-inch and 42-inch screens.

Please enquire about the possibility of also advertising in the campus libraries of Kumpula, Meilahti and Viikki.

If you want to have your advertisement on the library's screens, please contact

The advertisement can be a picture, a picture series or a video.

Pictures and picture series

Pictures and picture series must be submitted in PNG, JPG or GIF format.

  • The aspect ratio must be 16:9.
  • The videos are to be submitted preferably in Full HD resolution format (1920x1080).
  • If the submitted material is a picture series, remember to specify the order and the duration of displaying each picture.


The aspect ratio for videos must also be 16:9.

  • The maximum resolution for videos is 1280x720.
  • Supported video formats include AVI, MOV, MPG and WMV.
  • The advertisement can also be saved as a PowerPoint file. In this case, use the widescreen slide size which produces a page size of 33.867x19.05 cm.

All material displayed on the info screens is stretched to cover the entire screen. This will distort the image proportions if material has been submitted in an incorrect aspect ratio.

Please note that the info screens do not play sound.

One-picture advertisement HU and HUH / €, VAT 0 % * Other clients / €, inc. VAT 24 %
Opening fee, labour costs 20.00 41.00
Equipment costs / displaying the advertisement for six days ** 72.00 84.00
Total 92.00 125.00
Picture series or video HU and HUH / €, VAT 0 % * Other clients / €, inc. VAT 24 %
Opening fee, labour costs 23.00 55.00
Equipment costs / displaying the advertisement for six days ** 84.00 114.00
Total 107.00 169.00

* In addition to the internal net price, Helsinki University Hospital pays 24% VAT. University of Helsinki in-house clients follow the pricing under the “Other clients” category.
** Equipment costs can be calculated per day if the required period of displaying the advertisement is shorter or longer than six days.