Schools and Daycares

PLEASE NOTE! From 4 December 2021 everyone aged 16 and over must show a coronavirus entry pass when entering the Observatory's exhibition. Please be prepared to show your ID.

From 10 September 2021: You can now book a guided tour at the Observatory for your school class! In order to arrange the tours as safely as possible, the new time slots are: Tue–Wed 9–10.15, 11–12.15 or 13–14.15, Thu–Fri 9–10.15. Please book one time slot for one class/group that studies together, and arrive at the Observatory no earlier than 15 minutes before your time slot. We require the use of a face mask during the tour (6th-graders and older).

Book a tour for your class into the fascinating world of astronomy! We offer group tours for primary and secondary schools as well as for daycare and pre-school groups. Tours can be arranged also in English.

For more information in English please contact us: observatorio(a)