Urbaria Support Call

Urbaria support for urban research and societal impact 

The call is open from 3 December to 14 January 2021 (call closes at 16:00 EET). The total available support is 10,000 -15,000e. At most 2,000 € support can be granted per applicant.

Support will be granted for:

  • activities supporting the planning and preparation of a research project and the eventual application of external funding for it.
  • for organizing remote seminars or workshops or for other activities developing urban studies at the University of Helsinki. 
  • writing Policy Briefs or other popularised articles from already published results, arranging events that enhance the dissemination of scientific results and collaboration with societal actors (establishing networks, arranging workshops, transition arenas or living labs)

The evaluation criteria for societal impact funding applications are:

  • The feasibility and the concreteness of the proposed plan.
  • The visibility of Urbaria community and urban studies. 

Who can apply?

The call is open for Urbaria members from the Urbaria Faculties:

  • Faculty of Arts,
  • Faculty of Biological and Environmental Sciences,
  • Faculty of Science and
  • Faculty of Social Sciences. 

The applicant must be an approved Urbaria member by the closing date of the call. One person can be the main applicant in one application only. The call is not open for the members of the Urbaria Steering Group.

How to apply?

The online application e-form will open at the start of the application period and close at the deadline on 11 January  2021 at 16:00 EET. It is not possible to submit an application after the end of the application period, and late applications will not be considered.

Applications are submitted at https://elomake.helsinki.fi/lomakkeet/108582/lomake.html.

Evaluation process and timetable for decisions

The applications will be evaluated by the Urbaria Steering Group. A good application is therefore sufficiently accessible to an academic audience outside of specific disciplinary fields.

Funding will be initiated in January 2021 or upon specifications of the application but must be used during 2021. Researchers who have received funding must submit a short report on the use of funding after the funding period.