Urbaria Summaries Series

Ur­ba­ria Sum­ma­ries Se­ries, a re­search pub­lica­tion by Ur­ba­ria, collects most re­cent re­search in man­ner un­ders­tan­dable for all

Has your peer-reviewed article or other research publication been published recently? Do you supervise an excellent master’s thesis? Would you like to communicate the results of your research and their implications to a broader public?

Urbaria Summaries Series, the new research publication by Urbaria, offers up-to-date scientific urban knowledge in an accessible form and thereby combines urban researchers and those utilizing the knowledge in their daily work, such as civil servants and decision-makers in the cities.

We encourage you, regardless of your urban discipline, to offer your research for the publication. You will receive rigorous guidelines for writing and, if necessary, support in transforming your text to the proper form. As a researcher, you are responsible to take off the publication rights of your research.

To get started, you may either write a version of the text according to the guidelines and send it to us for comments or you may ask Urbaria coordinator Iiris Koivulehto for further instructions.

About Urbaria Summaries

The publication number (ISSN) for this series is 2670-2363 .

Please contact us to send your summary or to receive further guidelines.

Iiris Koivulehto, Urbaria coordinator