Urban Academy

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Urban Academy (Kaupunkiakatemia) is a platform and network that bring together multidisciplinary research, teaching and societal impact in the field of urban studies. Its vision is to create better and more sustainable cities through collaboration.

It is a strategic partnership of five organizations: University of Helsinki, Aalto University, City of Helsinki, City of Espoo and City of Vantaa. The Urban themed teaching and research in the University of Helsinki is centered in Urbaria. We are also the research engine of Urban Academy collaboration, working in close cooperation with Living+ platform of Aalto University to produce academic knowledge to answer the current issues of urban planning in cities.

Cities of Helsinki, Espoo and Vantaa fund postdoctoral researcher positions in Urbaria in 2018-2023. The cities participate in the recruitment process of the researchers, and research themes have been highlighted from the cities’ strategic plans: urban inequality, the population dynamics of urban areas, urban economy, the objective of becoming a carbon neutral city, and the changes digitalization bring to urban life.

All researchers work closely together as part of the multidisciplinary Urbaria Postdoc Forum in addition to their own faculties either in University of Helsinki or in Aalto University. Researcher report regularly to cities about the progress of their research.

Postdoctoral researchers:

Lasse Tarkiainen (Urban population dynamics)
Seona Candy (Towards a carbon-neutral city)
Cristina Bratu (Urban economics, Aalto University)
Isabel Ramos Lobato (Urban Geography)
Yu-Shan Tseng (Digitalization of Urban Life)
Nilay Kilinç (Urban Inequality)
Anna Zhelnina (Urban Utopias, Citizenship and Alternatives)
Marco Lovati (Energy questions; photovoltaic systems, Aalto University)

Research profiles of Urbaria Postdocs

People gathered around the dinner table

Table of 50 concept

Urban Academy adapted the Table of 50 concept into Finnish environment. Dinner no. 1 started a series of events tasked to recognize the most important questions of urbanization from different sectors.

Banner of Post Urban Science Fair

Post-Urbana science exhibition

Urban researchers and students from Aalto University and the University of Helsinki exhibited their current projects in the Future tent of the City Living Fair in Jätkäsaari. The exhibition showcased possibilities for better urban living, covering different topics, scales and technology.


Banner of Night city talks

Night Cities Talks

Is the night time the most creative time in cities? What kind of city development boosts the night time economy? Urban Academy and Urbaria held a discussion on urban environments at night time.