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Seona Candy is a post-doctoral researcher at the Institute of Urban and Regional Studies. Originally from Melbourne, Australia, she has research experience and interest in sustainable food and urban systems analysis and transdisciplinary futures research. She uses both quantitiave and qualitative methods, particularly scenario development and modelling. As part of her role with Urbaria, she will be working with city partners in the Helsinki Capital region to co-develop research projects relating to peri-urban land use issues and their connection with food systems, zero-carbon strategies and resilience.

She has experience in the design and completion of innovative, multi-stakeholder research projects at multiple scales, and across a number of different contexts in developed and developing countries. She was joint project leader for the Foodprint Melbourne project, which investigated the capacity and vulnerabilities of Melbourne’s foodbowl both now and in 2050, and developed an integrated policy vision, narrative and framework to inform urban planning and land use policy. Findings from the project influenced two key policy initiatives – the Resilient Melbourne Strategy and the city’s new metropolitan planning strategy, Plan Melbourne 2017-2050 and generated substantial media and public interest. She was also a senior researcher on the Visions and Pathways 2040 - a significant engagement project concerned with working with representatives from industry, government and academia to develop communicable visions of low-carbon future scenarios for Australian cities and identify pathways for their realisation.

She is committed to engaging with audiences inside and outside academia. Alongside her collaboration with project partners across academia, government, industry and community groups, she has authored a number of media articles and was regularly interviewed on radio across Australia in both urban and rural areas about her research. She was also a member of a governmental advisory committee for the development of Australia’s National Food Waste Strategy. She is currently a board member of Commonground Training Resources, a not-for-profit social change organisation in Victoria, Australia.

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