Rami Ratvio

Rami Ratvio

Rami Ratvio is a university lecturer in human geography at the University of Helsinki. He has a Ph.D. in Urban Geography and a subject teacher ’s qualification in geography and biology. His research interests include temporary uses in urban planning, urban culture, housing choices, daily mobility and lifestyle, suburban development, urban structure and safety, and pedagogy of geography.

Previously he worked as a researcher in TEKES and EU -projects and as a geography teacher. He has also been developing electronic exams for the Finnish matriculation examination. Ratvio is a member of the University of Helsinki Teacher’s Academy and a director of Geopiste Geography Education Centre (part of LUMA Centre Finland).

He is also a member of the Tilapioneerit (Urban Pioneers) -group specialized in interim uses in urban spaces. The group works to discover and pilot potential future uses for facilities, that are facing a change in their uses. Cooperation partners include the City of Helsinki and numerous private and third sector actors.


Phone: 0294151099 / 0504154864
Email: rami.ratvio@helsinki.fi

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