Laura Kolbe

Laura Kolbe

Laura Kolbe is Professor of European History at the University of Helsinki. She is also a productive non-fiction author and a member of the Helsinki City Council. Kolbe sees the University not just as a crucible of research activity, but as a place where teachers and students interact for everyone’s benefit. Docendo discimus, by teaching we learn. Kolbe also enjoys sharing information by taking people out for a walk. In the autumn of 2013, she founded Helsinki Walks Oy, working together with students and scholars who share her enthusiasm for urban history.

Laura Kolbe is a productive non-fiction author and a sought-after speaker in seminars, public events, and media. She has implemented several research projects on urban history:

  • Grand Hotels at the /Fin de Siècle/: global perspectives, local experiences
  • Student Revolt, City and Society -- From the Middle Ages until Today
  • Urban Transformation and Civic Design: towards a Global History of Town Halls and Public Space


Phone: 0294122833 / 0503182799

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