What the Urban?! is a blog by Urbaria Community and KATUKO that praises the message of multidisciplinary urban research. Our aim is to make the ongoing research known, share it with the larger audience and sparkle new discussions.

Urbaria Community

Urbaria (Helsinki Institute of Urban and Regional Studies) is a first academic multi-disciplinary research unit in Finland. Community is a network of researchers within the University of Helsinki in the field of urban and regional studies affiliated in Urbaria. They come from very multidisciplinary backgrounds and present all of the faculties in the University. Read more.

Urban Studies Collective KATUKO

KATUKO (Urban Studies Collective) is formed of PhD students from different Finnish universities, faculties, disciplines and viewpoints with the common factor that we wish to meet and discuss in a low threshold manner with fellows in the same professional situation. Peer-support has developed into a way of interaction.