Studying sustainability

Sustainability is one of the crucial goals of universities being put into practice in education, research, societal interaction and knowledge transfer and also in own campus operations. Sustainability and the issue of global change are increasingly integrated in the education of professionals in their respective disciplines. In addition, there is a growing demand of sustainability professionals whose focus and knowledge basis is in sustainability science, the merging novel discipline. Sustainability professionals have strong systems-thinking, anticipatory, normative, strategic and interpersonal competences.

Sustainability studies are possible on the Bachelor’s level: Multidisciplinary Environmental Module welcomes all university students (majority of teaching in Finnish).  Sustainability studies on the Master's level include the Master’s Programme in Environmental Change and Global Sustainability (ECGS) as well as the programme in Urban Studies and Planning at the University of Helsinki. They both welcome international students annually. Doctoral studies can be pursued in several doctoral programmes with research scopes in natural resources, the environment and the society.