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A recent study on the important yet marginalized sector of smallholder farming highlight the role of agroforestry systems in supporting sustainable livelihoods of smallholder farmers in mountainous areas. The results which are based on a combination of biophysical and socioeconomic data indicate that agroforestry systems contain greater agrobiodiversity; more diversified livelihoods; better land tenure security and household income; more diversified irrigation sources and less dependency on rainfall than conventional systems.

The peer-reviewed journal article is published open access in Land, 2018, 7.2: 45

Authors: Raúl Córdova, Nicholas J. Hogarth, and Markku Kanninen
‘Sustainability of Smallholder Livelihoods in the Ecuadorian Highlands: A Comparison of Agroforestry and Conventional Agriculture Systems in the Indigenous Territory of Kayambi People’

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