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HELSUS Policy Dialogues

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HELSUS Policy Dialogues is a series of critical, interdisciplinary and science-based discussion events about the state of sustainable development in Finland

Topics for Spring 2020

Topics for Autumn 2018

Topics for Spring 2018

How to measure sustainable development?
Indicators for Sustainable Development Goals in Finland

Finland was one of the first countries to report on its plans concerning the implementation of Agenda2030. In 2016, the UN set of global sustainable development indicators was published. These indicators function as a foundation for the national monitoring system. The Finnish monitoring system bases on Society’s Commitment to Sustainable Development, ”The Finland we want by 2050”, which is the Finnish way to implement Agenda 2030. The commitment has eight objectives that determine the target level for sustainable development in Finland in 2050. In order to monitor the progress towards the target level, indicator baskets have been developed for each of the objectives. Each basket includes 4-5 indicators, which will be updated yearly.

HELSUS Policy Dialogues 2018 focus on each indicator basket and its theme, while considering the Finnish progress in regard to the goals set, as well as analysing the reasons for Finland’s performance (or non-performance). Each session starts with the presentation of the indicator basket of one theme, which will be commented by HELSUS researchers and followed by a facilitated discussion. The aim is to create the interdisciplinary forum for dialogic discussion acknowledging the latest scientific findings.  Additionally, a short summary of the discussion will be produced to contribute to the indicator development.

Read more on follow up and review of sustainable development in Finland or about sustainable development indicators (in Finnish only).


The session starts with the presentation of the indicator basket of the theme, which will be commented by the HELSUS researchers followed by the facilitated discussion.

To whom

Sustainability researchers, people interested in Sustainable Development Goals

Where and when

Tuesdays at 9-11, in Urbarium, Porthania, 1st floor, Yliopistonkatu 3 (map). It is possible to follow the presentations online via Adobe Connect Pro. The link https://connect.funet.fi/helsus_policy_dialogue will open approximately 15 minutes before the event.


HELSUS in collaboration with the National Commission for Sustainable Development and the Prime Minister’s Office.

The language of the event is English or Finnish depending on the audience's preference.

    More information: please contact Kaisa Korhonen-Kurki, HELSUS, kaisa.korhonen@helsinki.fi, and Sami Pirkkala sami.pirkkala@vnk.fi

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