HELSUS Steering Group

HELSUS Steering Group will enhance the research, education and social interaction in the field of sustainability science in the University of Helsinki but also nationally and internationally. Steering group supports the director in leading the institute.  Steering group plans and decides about the plans on HELSUS activities and use of funds.

Faculty of Agriculture and Forestry

  • Member: Professor Juha Helenius
  • Deputy Member: Head of Ruralia Institute Sami Kurki

Faculty of Arts

  • Member: Assistant Professor Pirjo Virtanen
  • Deputy Member: Professor Matti Miestamo

Faculty of Biological and Environmental Science

  • Member: Professor Atte Korhola
  • Deputy Member: Sirkku Juhola

Faculty of Law

  • Member: Professor Kai Kokko
  • Deputy Member: Professor Ellen Eftestol-Wilhelmsson

Faculty of Science

  • Member: Assistant Professor Tuuli Toivonen
  • Deputy Member: Academy Professor Timo Vesala

Faculty of Social Sciences

  • Member: Professor Anja Nygren
  • Deputy Member: Professor Uskali Mäki (2018), Professor Janne Hukkinen (starting 2019)