Bachelor Studies

The teaching of sustainability science contains Bachelor's level courses that are mainly taught in Finnish. Together they form the Multidisciplinary Environmental Module to which all students of University of Helsinki (also JOO-students) willing to integrate an environmental aspect to their professional expertise are welcome. After finalizing the module the student is able to understand the vast research field of environment-related disciplines.

Multidisciplinary Environmental Module comprises teaching in natural sciences, economics, social sciences and humanities summing up to over 70 courses. After finalizing the module the student is able to describe the basic concepts and theories in selected disciplines in both natural sciences and social sciences. The module welcomes all University students but, as nearly all Bachelor studies in UHEL, it is mainly taught in Finnish. The module can be personally adjusted from 15 to 35 ECTS credits.

The core course is Multidisciplinary environmental research - disciplinary perspectives to environmental questions (5 ECTS), which is compulsory to all module students. Beyond this, students select elective courses according to their own interest to benefit and complement their disciplinary expertise in environmental sciences.

You can read more about the Multidisciplinary Environmental Module in the University of Helsinki Studies Service (in Finnish).