HiLIFE In­nov­a­tion and Cor­por­ate Col­lab­or­a­tion

HiLIFE  Innovation and Partnership program promotes cooperation with other research centers, key stakeholders and industry.

Ongoing collaborations include a number of big pharma companies, startups and joint projects within the Horizon 2020 and Innovative Medicines Initiative Program carried out by HiLIFE operative units in their focus areas (biotechnology, structural biology, molecular medicine, neuroscience).

HiLIFE also supports early stage innovations through  proof-of-concept grants (programme launch in 2017). These HiPOC grants are aimed to accelerate commercialization of research findings and development of novel technologies within life sciences at three stages: i) pre-invention disclosure; ii) pre-patent; iii) improving filed patent application. HiPOC fills the gap between early stage research findings and getting external funding for inventions and innovations. 

Together with the  Faculties of Agriculture and Forestry, Biological and Environmental Sciences, Medicine, Pharmacy, as well as Luomus HiLIFE maintains a  Life Science Stakeholder Program (HiStakes). HiStakes supports and utilizes ongoing pilots and prior experience of life science units to develop a program that involves researchers throughout life sciences. Outcomes of the  HiStakes program includes SLUSH Y SCIENCE. This is an extension of the globally renown SLUSH startup event and provides a novel platform for  interactions between scientists, companies and investors.