Powered by Finnish genomes

Thursday November 2, 2017 at 2-4 pm
Biocenter 2, lecture hall 2041 (Viikinkaari 5, 2nd floor)

The rapidly increasing ability to describe the complete genetic and molecular makeup of an organism is changing the way we understand nature, including ourselves. University of Helsinki has a tradition of high-impact genetic research with broad scope from molecular analysis of gene function to genomic level understanding of biological processes. On Thursday you have an excellent opportunity to hear three outstanding examples of this research all powered by iconic Finnish genomes!

How “Finnish disease heritage” combined with thorough medical records takes us towards “health care system 2.0”? Or is the key in the genome of “Extreme Finn”, the Saimaa ringed seal? What is the story of 80 silver birch genomes?  

Before the seminar you are welcome to have coffee and visit our new Viikki HiLIFE Hub (room 2010A, Biocenter 2). Seminar starts at 2:15 pm. 


Welcome by Director Tomi Mäkelä, HiLIFE
Dr. Jarkko SalojärviStory of silver birch
Academy professor Jukka JernvallGenes, seals, and mules
Professor Samuli Ripatti “Finnish genomes in the service of public health and precision medicine

Jarkko Salojärvi is a group leader at the Academy Centre of Excellence in Molecular Biology of Primary Producers and principal investigator at the Faculty of Biological and Environmental Sciences. His research group is focusing on plant systems biology by combining different omics data to study the evolution and adaptation in plants.

Jukka Jernvall is an Academy professor at the Institute of Biotechnology, HiLIFE. He is a recognised pioneer in evolutionary developmental biology. He and his team are known for innovative and creative approach that brings together disciplines that are traditionally considered very different from one another, from molecular and developmental biology through medicine to ecology and palaeontology.  

Samuli Ripatti is professor of Biometry at the Faculty of Medicine and FIMM-EMBL Research Group Leader at Institute for Molecular Medicine Finland (FIMM), HiLIFE. He is director of new Academy Centre of Excellence in in Complex Disease Genetics – from Discovery to Precision Medicine. His research group uses genetic screens in Finnish population and disease samples to learn about disease mechanisms and risks.