Biomedicum Helsinki seminars 2018

BMH seminar series is a prestigious weekly series targeting all 1800 researchers working in the Meilahti campus. To maintain the high status of BMH seminar series, the criteria for selecting a BMH speaker are very strict. Only speakers with high scientific quality and whose topic would generate significant audience interest across many different biomedical fields are considered.

Date and place: Mondays at 12.00, Biomedicum Helsinki, Lecture Hall 1

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Seminar schedule, fall 2018

No seminar

Medix prize 2018:
Johanna Ivaska, Cell Adhesion and Cancer Biology, Turku Centre for Biotechnology, University of Turku

"SHANKing talin and RAS to regulate cancer proliferation and migration"

Host: Vesa Olkkonen

Warwick Dunn, School of Biosciences, Mass Spectrometry, University of Birmingham, UK

"The importance of metabolites across the human life course: from analytical chemistry to biochemical mechanisms to translation"

Host: Vidya Velagapudi
Student host: Kenneth Nazir

Akihiro Kusumi, Kyoto University, and Visiting Professor, Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology

"Signal transduction by metastable molecular complexes: findings by single-molecule tracking"

Host: Castrén Eero
Student host:

Zubaida Saifudeen, Tulane University School of Medicine, USA

"Metabolic Control of Nephron Progenitor Cell Fate"

Host: Satu Kuure
Student host: Kristen Kurtzeborn

No seminar

Karin de Visser, Netherlands Cancer Institute (NKI), Amsterdam, The Netherlands

"The Genetic Makeup of Primary Breast Tumors Dictates Pro-Metastatic Systemic Inflammation"

Host: Jeroen Pouwels
Student host: Rita Turpin

Peter Horvath, Director, Institute of Biochemistry, Biological Research Center of the Hungarian Academia of Science, Hungary
FIDIPRO researcher, Institute for Molecular Medicine Finland

"Life beyond the pixels: image analysis and machine learning methods for single-cell analysis"

Host: Johan Lundin
Student host: Dmitrii Bychkov

Biomedicum Helsinki Day 2019


Presentations by three grant applicants:
Timo Carpén, Supervisor Antti Mäkitie: High TIMP-1 serum levels are associated with poor prognosis in HPV-negative squamous cell oropharyngeal cancer
Young Scientist's Grant 2018
Noora Pöllänen, Supervisor Eija Pirinen: Improving mitochondrial function in muscle tissue with vitamin B? - a new way to promote metabolic health?
Start-up Grant 2018
Panu Luukkonen, Supervisor Hannele Yki-Järvinen (1.3.2019- , Yale School of Medicine/ Gerald Shulman): Bioactive lipids dissociate steatosis and insulin resistance in non-alcoholic fatty liver disease

Biomedicum Helsinki Lecture 2018
Professor Satu Mustjoki, Hematology Research Unit, University of Helsinki, Medicum and Helsinki University Hospital, Comprehensive Cancer Center

"Immunogenicity of hematological malignancies and immunological effects of cancer therapy: links between bench and bedside"

Bente Frölund, Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences, University of Copenhagen, Denmark

"The quest for the elusive gamma -hydroxybutyric acid (GHB) receptor; An integrated medicinal chemical – molecular pharmacological approach"

Host: Esa Korpi
Student host: Lauri Elsilä

Young Investigator Talk:

Jörg Renkawitz, Biomedical Center (BMC), LMU Munich, Germany

"Leukocyte Navigation in Complex Microenvironments"

Host: Kari Vaahtomeri
Student host: Sawan Kumar Jha

Clive Svendsen, Cedars-Sinai Regenerative Medicine Institute, USA

"Using stem cells to treat and model human disease"

Host: Merja Voutilainen
No student lunch