HiLIFE Grand Opening 2017

We celebrated the  breadth of the University’s excellent Life Science research and establishment of HiLIFE with a full week of events at the Campuses last week of October 2017. The week culminated in the Grand Opening with Mayor Jan Vapaavuori and Rector Jukka Kola on Friday 3 November.

Thank you for all those who celebrated with us and made the week memorable! 

Watch the recording of the event here.


Open doors at new HiLIFE Hub in Viikki Biocenter 2Powered by Finnish gen­omes: Jarkko Salojärvi revealing the story of Finland's national tree Powered by Finnish gen­omes: Samuli Ripatti highlighting the role of Finnish genomes in providing solutions to healthSci­ence in Life –Build­ing tools for life sci­ences in Kumpula CampusSci­ence in Life –Build­ing tools for life sci­ences in Kumpula CampusSci­ence in Life –Build­ing tools for life sci­ences in Kumpula CampusHiLIFE goes business: Pia Runeberg-Roos and Marc Baumann opening the eventHiLIFE goes business: Lauri Paasonen from UPM highlighting importance of connections and expertise in business collaborationHiLIFE goes business: Tero Oinonen from University business collaboration teamHiLIFE goes business: Jari Strandman presenting Helsinki Innovation Services HISHyvinvointia huippututkimuksesta: Anu Wartiovaara telling about mitochondria at the well being from top science event (Solujen energia-aineenvaihdunnan tutkimus antaa avaimia täsmähoitoihin)Hyvinvointia huippututkimuksesta: panel discussion with (from left) Anu Wartiovaara, Jaakko Kangasjärvi, Johanna Björkroth and Deputy Mayor Sanna Vesikansa, host Jonna KatajistoPhD Kick-off at the City Hall: Join the community corner , HiLIFE, TEDxHelsinki and ScienceSLAM, promoted by HiLIFE board student representative Julia Casado (left)HiLIFE Grand Opening: the secret scriptHiLIFE Grand Opening: calm moment before full houseHiLIFE Grand Opening: hosts Anna-Liisa Laine and Vince Cerullo preparing for the big eventHiLIFE Grand Opening: going through the last notesHiLIFE Grand Opening: going through the last notesHiLIFE Grand Opening: Professor Fiona Watt mic'd upHiLIFE Grand Opening: Anu Korhonen getting all coordinatedHiLIFE Grand Opening: the startHiLIFE Grand Opening: Mayor Jan Vapaavuori congratulating the UniversityHiLIFE Grand Opening: Rector Jukka Kola with Chancellor Kaarle Hämeri (right) and Ole Petter Ottersen (left)HiLIFE Grand Opening: Ole Petter Ottersen, Rector of Karolinska Institutet and chair of HiLIFE Scientific Council highlighting importance of initiatives like HiLIFEHiLIFE Grand Opening: HiLIFE Scientific Council members Alan L. Schwartz, Anders Björklund, Kai Simons and Marja JäätteläHiLIFE Grand Opening: Director Tomi Mäkelä and Vice-Rector Pertti PanulaHiLIFE Grand Opening: Professor Mary M Power discussing importance of understanding species interactions with host Anna-Liisa LaineHiLIFE Grand Opening: Professor Fiona Watt giving inspiring talk on stem cell researchHiLIFE Grand Opening: question from audience, Pekka Katajisto, HiLIFE associate professorHiLIFE Grand Opening: hosts inviting Director Tomi Mäkelä to stageHiLIFE Grand Opening: Tomi Mäkelä thanking the hosts for great presentation on HiLIFEHiLIFE Grand Opening: panel discussion on research excellence and impact, chair Ole Petter Ottersen  --we at HiLIFE are so happy have such insightful Scientific Council advising us!HiLIFE Grand Opening: Chancellor Kaarle HämeriAfter party: Emeritus Chancellor Kari RaivioAfter party: HiLIFE and Meilahti Head of Development Kirsi Rauhala, Professor Pekka Rauhala and ERC grantee Henna TyynismaaAfter party: opening words by Vice-Rector Jouko Väänänen, the chair of HiLIFE BoardAfter party: dance group presenting their vision on theme Fighting CancerAfter party: HiLIFE Head of Administration Jonna Katajisto and Senior Marketing Officer Anu Korhonen relaxed after all hard coordinatingAfter party: food for "high life"After party: all enjoyingAfter party: dance floorAfter party: more dancingAfter party: Lab Cerullo group hug