Granting research funding to promising research groups

The intention is to support novel scientific initiatives, make it easier to launch research cooperation between different units and promote the foundation of multidisciplinary research communities and environments. The funding will be targeted at promising research groups composed of researchers at various career stages from no fewer than two faculties operating at the City Centre Campus. The research groups to be granted funding must have a plan for acquiring external funding from other sources (e.g., the EU, the Academy of Finland, foundations), and the groups will be provided intensive support for, among other things, networking, establishing consortia, organising community relations and completing funding applications.

The institute will support research groups through two forms of funding:

Start-up grants for research groups (seed funds) intended to facilitate the establishment of research groups, networking, the organisation of seminars and workshops, the acquisition of research data and the completion of extensive project applications. Start-up grants will be targeted at new research groups that have not yet been granted funding for implementing a joint research idea, or that are composed primarily of researchers at the early stages of their career. There are no restrictions on research themes, but part of the funding can be targeted at research focused on issues of particular topicality.

This type of funding will be granted for three to five years at a time. In addition to the expenses described above, it is intended to cover the salaries of researchers recruited by research groups, as well as for funding research-intensive periods conducted by permanent staff. The projects should include international research activities and methodology cooperation. Research groups that have been granted a start-up grant and other research groups in the SSH field are both eligible to apply for research project funding. There are no restrictions on research themes, but relevance of a multidisciplinary nature is expected. The process for selecting the projects to be funded includes two stages: (1) a scientific advisory board will choose the best projects for a review by a management group, (2) which makes a decision on the projects to receive funding. The faculties with representation in the management group will decide on allocating their funding to projects. The faculties can also choose to fund research projects through allocated in-kind contributions by the research staff. Projects that are not allocated sufficient funding cannot be chosen as funding targets.