Methodological Unit

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The Methodological Unit comprises of four experts in different types of research data and methods and three technical assistants who will join the team later. The mandate of the unit is to develop research methods and support the Centre Campus research teams in questions related to data management, methods and infrastructure. The Methodological Unit is unique in humanities and social sciences in Finland.

University Researcher
Research Units
Field of science Sociology, Public health care science, environmental and occupational health

Heta Moustgaard is a demographer and a public health scientist who studies social inequalities in health. She uses large population data based on individual-level linkages of administrative registers. Moustgaard considers it important to promote the understanding and use of causal methods in social science research. She has worked extensively with register data and believes that new developments in traditional quantitative methods can also be useful for new Big Data methods.

University Researcher
Department of Digital Humanities
Field of science Other humanities, Computer and information sciences

Jouni Tuominen is a computer scientist in the field of knowledge technology. In his work, he applies computational methods for solving digital humanities and social sciences research questions, and has worked extensively especially with different cultural heritage contents. Tuominen is interested in developing digital research practices and tools that allow researchers to describe more accurately and practically how the analysis has been done. In addition, he is interested in contributing to increasing researchers’ data literacy skills. Tuominen works also in Aalto University where he develops linked data infrastructures.

University Researcher
Faculty of Law
Field of science Other social sciences

Matti Pohjonen is a media anthropologist with a PhD from the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), University of London. His research encompasses digital anthropology, philosophy of science and the use of digital methods to advance social sciences and the humanities research. Some of his ongoing research topics include online hate speech, extremism and conflict, focusing on distinctly global and comparative contexts. Pohjonen is inspired by the possibilities provided by new digital and computational methods but is also concerned if this enamoration with these methods obviates important philosophical and ethical questions related to the use of technology. “We need more deep reflection in the social sciences and humanities,” Pohjonen says.

University Researcher
Department of Education
Field of science Psychology

Sointu Leikas is interested in everyday life behavior and in finding common ground between personality and social psychology. She is excited about combining state-of-the-art behavioral research with novel digital methods and practical applications with diverse benefits for researchers. She has a PhD in psychology from the University of Helsinki, as well as a title of docent in personality psychology.