Professor Risto Kunelius leads the Helsinki Institute for Social Sciences and Humanities. He specializes in research on the relationship between the media and politics, as well as communication related to climate change. Kunelius worked at the University of Tampere in the subject of journalism and information studies from 1990 to 2018. In 2019 he started as a professor of communication at the University of Helsinki.

Media and Communication Studies
Field of science Media and communications

Kustaa Multamäki's main responsibilities are preparation of administrative matters, strategic support for the Insitute director, and coordination of on-site support. Please contact him also in all practical matters related to HSSH.

Administration Specialist
Administrative Services

Pekka Mäkelä is responsible for matters related to research at the institute. His responsibilities include:

  • Coordinating the development of the HSSH research profile
  • Coordinating the academic management training arrangements
  • Coordinating the organization of HSSH's multidisciplinary research seminars and various meetings
  • Coordinating the allocation of seed money for HSSH's multidisciplinary research projects and the applications rounds for external funding
Research Coordinator
Research Units
Field of science Philosophy

Mari Siiroinen takes care of the research data and infrastructure of the faculties at the City Centre Campus. She is developing the institute’s small-scale research equipment loan office. Siiroinen helps if you need advice or assistance in collecting, storing, using or managing research data.

Research Coordinator
Department of Digital Humanities
Field of science Languages

The head of development assists the heads of the university units in strategic management and operational development. The heads of development coordinate the activities of the university's internal groups together with other directors of sector. Together with the directors of sector, Karimäki-Suvanto is responsible for ensuring that the services of the university's units are user-oriented and resource-efficient, and that users can provide feedback and influence the services.

Project Planner Nette Holopainen assists in reports related to the institute's activities. She is interested in city life and art, which she studied in her master's thesis.

Project Planner
Research Units

Research assistant Lauri Särkkä deals with communications and event organisation of the HSSH. He is a soon-to-graduate master student of political history, whose academic interests lie in Russian history politics.

Research Assistant
Research Units

See contact information for the personel of the Methodological unit here.

See contact information for personel of the Datafication Research Initiative here.

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