Call for Research Programme Directors - Instructions for applying

Helsinki Institute for Social Sciences and Humanities is looking for Research Programme Directors. Read the requirements and instructions for applying.

The Helsinki Institute for Social Sciences and Humanities, together with the Faculty of Arts, Faculty of Educational Sciences, Faculty of Law, Faculty of Social Sciences, Faculty of Theology, Swedish School of Social Science and Helsinki Collegium for Advanced Studies, invites applications for Three part-time research programme directors (50%) The positions are filled for a 4-year fixed period, starting no later than 1.9.2021 (or as agreed).

The successful applicant will become member of the leading team of the HSSH research initiative Datafication of society and SSH research. This programme brings together a multidisciplinary community of scholars to tackle the emerging potentials and problems of datafication – the increasingly intensive collection and analysis of various forms of data and its implication to society and the social science and humanities.

We are looking for inspiring senior researchers (professor, associate professor, university lecturer or university researcher / senior researcher level) whose work focuses on a specific aspect of datafication of society and SSH research. A successful applicant already has clear research merits and a research group working in the field, but as a programme director he or she will actively work to bring together a wider interdisciplinary community of scholars inside UH.

Applicants should hold a doctorate in a relevant field and have a promising track record of research related to the datafication initiative. We expect applicants to show documented merits as leaders of their own research group and success in attracting competitive external funding. Applicants are asked to present an original and scientifically relevant thematic and methodological description on their vision that extends beyond the immediate research interests of their own group and past work on datafication and poses innovative questions from the research field (sketched in the programme outline).

This description should explicitly address the following themes and questions:

  1. Profiling UH datafication research. What new, interdisciplinary conceptualizations, research questions and knowledge about datafication would the applicant aim at as a research programme director?
  2. Methodological capacities. Which methodological challenges and opportunities are crucial for the planned research?
  3. Interdisciplinary networks inside UH. Which of research groups inside UH might be part of this thematic framing?
  4. National and international networks. What kind of national and international networks this work would seek to activate during the programme period?

We welcome applications from scholars already working inside the scholarly community of UH. Successful applicants will allocate 50 % of their work time for the position, and will be relieved of a corresponding amount of existing teaching and other responsibilities in their current positions. In case the appointee does not have an employment contract with UH for the 4-year period, the composition of duties shall be negotiated.

What we offer

We offer an exceptionally interesting task as a member of a strategic research initiative (part of UH PROFI6 Academy of Finland profiling action) in a newly established, developing research network and scholarly community. The Datafication of Society and SSH research initiative will recruit 3 post-doctoral researchers and 3 doctoral students to work with the research programme leaders.The work will also be supported by the emerging Methodological and Technical Unit of HSSH, where 4 university researchers and additional technical staff are currently being hired.

How to apply

Applicants are requested to enclose with their applications the following documents as a single pdf file:

  1. A curriculum vitae (max 5 pages).
  2. A list of publications, with 5 most relevant highlighted.
  3. A short description of the applicants research trajectory (past 5 years), ongoing research projects, and future plans for the applicant own research group. (max 5 pages total)
  4. A vision paper, addressing the questions posed in this announcement (max 3 pages) (see above)

Applicants who are employees of the University of Helsinki are requested to submit their application via the SAP HR portal:

  1. Log in to
  2. Select the Career and Job tab on the Employee desktop
  3. Select Apply via Reference Code. Reference code: HY19548

Applicants who are not employees of the University of Helsinki are requested to submit their application via the recruitment portal: (Apply via Reference Code, reference code HY19549)

Deadline for applications is 15th of June 2021.

Further information about the positions may be obtained from professor Risto Kunelius, Director of Helsinki Institute for Social Science and Humanities, email, tel. +358401904085.

Further information about the recruitment process may be obtained from Hannamari Helander, Head of HR, email, tel. +358503199502.

In case you need support with the recruitment system, please contact

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