Helsingin Sanomat Foundation Fellowship

The Helsingin Sanomat Foundation Fellowship supported research on media and the media industry. The funding covered  five fellow positions in 2013–2018, each one academic year in length. The positions werre aimed at internationally known senior researchers and professors in the media and journalism studies.

Within each fellowship period the researcher worked with his/her project and participated in teaching and academic community within the field of media studies and journalism.

Helsingin Sanomat Foundation Fellows 2013–2018:

  • Jostein Gripsrud, 2017–2018: Public Discourse on Immigration in Scandiavia 1970-2016
  • Barbie Zelizer, 2016–2017: How Cold War Mindedness Drives the News
  • Caroline Basset: 2014–2016, Anti-Computing (and Un-archaeology?)
  • John Durham Peters, 2013–2014, New Media in the Light of Old Media