Every year, the Helsinki Collegium for Advanced Studies (HCAS) welcomes doctoral candidates of the Doctoral School in Humanities and Social Sciences at the University of Helsinki to the HCAS Winter School on Humanities and Social Sciences. In 2021, the Winter School will be held online on March 10–12, 2021. (The registration to the Winter School 2021 is now closed. Follow the email list of HYMY doctoral students for information on the HCAS Winter School 2022.)

The HCAS Winter School 2021 addresses academic collaboration and its role in academic career building. We will explore the many benefits and pitfalls associated with collaboration in different contexts such as writing and publishing; research projects and funding applications; interdisciplinary research and collaboration with non-academic partners.  

 We will deal with topics such as 

  •  Why do researchers collaborate?  
  • When is interdisciplinary collaboration fruitful?  
  • What kind of collaboration advances your academic career?  
  • How to navigate the landscape of collaborative research projects as an early-career researcher?  
  • Tips for successful collaborative writing (co-authorship, grant writing)  
  • Possibilities for collaborating beyond academia  

The HCAS Winter Schools are organized and taught by Collegium fellows. The fellows are experts in interdisciplinary research in the humanities, social sciences, law, behavioral sciences, and theology. The Collegium aims at enhancing high-quality interdisciplinary research within these disciplines by fostering dialogue between different academic orientations, by encouraging the integration of approaches from different disciplines, and by supporting international academic collaboration. 

 The Winter School consists of plenaries on topics of general interest and workshops structured around participants’ own contributions and questions. The workshops offer doctoral candidates the opportunity to receive feedback from HCAS Fellows and other doctoral candidates in a relaxed environment. The thematic panels bring together both current Collegium Fellows and researchers and specialists from outside the Collegium, who share their knowledge of different facets of academic collaboration. The Winter School days begin at 9:15 am or later and end around 3 pm.  

 The workload of the Winter School is 3 ECTS. The registration of the credits will be administered by the doctoral schools or disciplines, so the doctoral candidates will have to speak to their supervisors about this beforehand. The language of the Winter School is English. The detailed program of the Winter School will be sent to the participants after registration.  


Kinga Połynczuk-Alenius, Core Fellow, HCAS  

Ryan Mullins, Core Fellow, HCAS  

Louise Settle, Core Fellow, HCAS  

Hanne Appelqvist, Deputy Director, HCAS  

Kaisa Kaakinen, Research Coordinator, HCAS  


Contact: Kaisa Kaakinen (kaisa.kaakinen@helsinki.fi), Research Coordinator, HCAS


Winter School 2020 participants listening to a lecture in the Common room of the Collegium


Participants of the HCAS Winter School 2020 listening to a lecture in the Common Room of the Collegium in January 2020, two months before the COVID-19 pandemic moved most of the instruction at the University online.