HCAS Core Fellowship

Core Fellowship Programme is the basis of all HCAS activities. Most of our Fellows are appointed through it.

Basic characteristics of the Programme:

  • Annual open call usually from August to September
  • Open to researchers from the humanities, social sciences, behavioral sciences, theology and law, as well as to researchers in other fields who focus on topics related to the human sciences
  • Employment, not a grant programme
  • Fixed term appointments for 0,5 - 2 years
  • For all career levels beyond the doctorate (post-docs, mid-career researchers, and full professors)
  • Usual number of appointments 8-14 per year
  • Number of applications has been 250-450 per year, with well over 50 % from outside Finland
  • No fixed career stage or discipline quotas

What we offer:

  • Time and freedom for concentrated research free from administrative duties and from a large teaching obligation
  • Thriving and stimulating collegial work environment in the center of Helsinki, surrounded by libraries
  • Salaried positions with associated benefits (paid family and sick leave, pension benefits and occupational health care) in accordance with the General Collective Agreement for Universities
  • Office space
  • Language check services
  • Travel and research allowance
  • Taxable relocation allowance for those newly recruited fellows who must relocate to the Helsinki area from elsewhere in Finland and in the world
  • Relocation assistance for international fellows
  • Social programming and limited in-house wellness services

Expectations from recruited Fellows:

  • Fellows should concentrate on their research to the best of their abilities and be willing to interact and communicate their research with their colleagues
  • 80% of the fellowship period must be physically present at the Collegium
  • The annual workload system of 1624 hours used at the University of Helsinki applies
  • Teaching requirement of 5% from the second fellowship-year onwards
  • Participation in the weekly Brown Bag seminars, 1 presentation per academic year 

Interested in joining the HCAS community?

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