HCAS Core Fellowship: how to apply

Do I have to have established contacts with the University of Helsinki before I can apply?

No. However, in the motivation letter you can explain whether you plan to collaborate with researchers, research groups or projects based at the University of Helsinki. Most importantly, the letter should indicate why the Helsinki Collegium is well suited for the proposed research project.

Can I apply again even if my application was rejected?

Yes you can.

Can I apply again after my HCAS fellowship period ends?

We do not grant direct extensions to the fellowships even if you apply with a new research proposal. After a research period elsewhere, our alumni are welcome to reapply.

How should I present my publication plan in the research proposal?

Be as detailed as possible in terms of where, what, and how many articles/publications you intend to produce. At the same time, try to be realistic. If your publication plan is particularly ambitious, you have to be able to convince the evaluators of your ability to carry out the plan.

Can I include illustrations or diagrams in my research proposal?

Yes, you can. One illustration or diagram counts as one character.

Does the HCAS have any disciplinary quotas?

No, but disciplinary considerations do play a role at the very last stage of the selection process.

I just realized I have made a mistake in my application. Can I resend it?

You may make changes to the attachments, but unfortunately changes to the electronic form are impossible in the recruitment system. Once the evaluation process is underway, we do not accept corrections to the application materials. Please see below for more information. In case you have made a mistake in, for example, career stage, please notify us by email.

Can I update my application after the application period has ended?

If you wish to inform us of developments relating to your career progress (significant publication contracts, promotions, significant grants etc.) during the evaluation process, you may do so by contacting us at collegium-recruitment@helsinki.fi. We will relate that information to the evaluators, but we will not update your application materials.

Who reads and evaluates my application?

Above you may find "Instructions for applicants" and "Instructions for Evaluators" that describe the nature of the evaluation process.

I have just received another fellowship that overlaps with my appointment at HCAS. Can I postpone the HCAS fellowship?