Location: Helsinki

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Helsinki is easy to get to from anywhere in the world and combines all the offerings of a capital city with the human scale of a small town. Getting around town is easy, safe and well organized and functional, inexpensive public transport system makes it effortless to reach both conference venues and sights.

Helsinki landscape photos (with attribution)

Helsinki airport is situated just 19km (25min.) from the city by train.

Baltic Sea is essential to Helsinki - the city’s downtown core is surrounded by it and numerous inland bays and channels flow through defining the landscape. In Finland everything changes with the seasons. During winter days are short but all the more precious. In March most outdoor winter activities will be still available and great trails and recreational centers can be reached by tram.

Helsinki is a rich mix, where traditional exotica and untouched nature meet contemporary ways.


More information: http://www.visithelsinki.fi/en
Weather in Helsinki: http://en.ilmatieteenlaitos.fi


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