#DH­H21 Practicalities

Timetable (all times Finland / EEST / UTC+03:00)

Tuesday 27.4., at 14:00–16:00, first pre-session: Orientation to the hackathon in general. Partitioning to the groups. Focused introductions by the group team leaders. Getting to know other group members.

Tuesday 4.5., at 14:00–16:00 & Tuesday 11.5., at 14:00–16:00, second & third pre-session: Intensive preparation period for the participants – introductions to material, forming of research questions and work plans

Week 1, Wednesday–Friday (19.–21.5.): Intensive hackathon period (daily from morning until night)

Week 1, Saturday–Sunday (22.–23.5.): Free weekend

Week 2, Monday–Friday (24.–28.5.): Intensive hackathon period (daily from morning until night)

Week 2, Friday (28.5.), at 13:00–17:15: Public presentations of the projects


The hackathon is aimed mainly for MA students and beyond. As a course in Helsinki, it is part of the 30 credit digital humanities module (see here), and data science master's programme (see here). While there are no formal prerequisites to attend, priority may be given to people with skills most deemed necessary by the organisers and team leaders. 


Register your interest in #DHH21 during the application period (–31.3.2021.) using this form.


If you need credits for the DHH Hackathon in 2021 (e.g. to complete the the Digital Humanities major track or minor study block), please contact Mikko Tolonen.

3–6 ECTS credits may be gained from participating in the hackathon for students in participating universities. Assessment: pass/fail, based on participation in the group work, presentation, and an individual report / additional agreed-upon work commensurate with the amount of credits requested.

Students from the University of Helsinki: please contact Mikko Tolonen for more details on the credits.

Students from Aalto University: please contact Jukka Suomela for more details on the credits.

Students from other universities will need to make their own arrangements, but may solicit support from the organisers in doing so.

Fre­quently Asked Ques­tions

Q: Who is eligible for applying for the hackathon?
A: All MA level students and beyond, from anywhere can register their interest in #DHH21 during the application period by filling the application form. We might ask you for further information that is needed in the selection procedure.

Q: How the selection procedure of the participants will be done and by whom?
A: The applications received during the application period will be evaluated by the general DHH organizers and team leaders. Priority may be given to people with skills most deemed necessary – we aim for a balanced mix of students in computer science, humanities, and social sciences.

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