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Programmes and recordings on 4 webinars organised by FCAI & HiDATA on AI and Data Science against Covid-19 in May/June 2020

HiDATA event Data Science for Social Good Event Page with materials

Part 1: Data Science for Social Good

Part 2: Introduction of new HiDATA professors

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This one-day workshop gives a practical introduction to deep learning on CSC's computing environment. In the workshop, we will apply fully-connected, convolutional, and recurrent neural networks for various tasks in natural language processing and image classification. We'll use CSC's Notebooks environment and the Taito-GPU cluster in the hands-on exercises. After the workshop the participants should have the knowledge and skills to begin applying deep learning for different tasks and utilizing the GPU resources available at CSC for training an deploying their own neural networks.

Detailed program and materials

How is data changing our world?

Morning session: Future Visions and Business Opportunities

  • Pauli Aalto-Setälä, Group CEO, Aller Media Finland and Professor of Practice, University of Turku
  • Mikko Viitaila, NTO, Microsoft Finland
  • Nikolaj Tatti, F-secure

Afternoon session: Research and Applications in Science and Industry

  • Opening Words, Sasu Tarkoma, Professor, University of Helsinki
  • Big Data Platforms and Their Applications, Keijo Heljanko, Professor, University of Helsinki
  • Extreme Classification for Ranking, Recommendations and Tagging, Rohit Babbar, Assistant Professor, Aalto University
  • From Accurate and Reliable Navigation Data into Sustainable Smart Cities, Laura Ruotsalainen, Associate Professor, University of Helsinki
  • Bringing Humans into the Loop in Data Science, Kai Puolamäki, Associate Professor, University of Helsinki
  • Keynote Speech, Pekka Marttinen, Assistant Professor, Aalto University
  • Questions and Summary, Sasu Tarkoma, Professor, University of Helsinki

The Helsinki Centre for Data Science (HiDATA) is launching a new seminar series with CSC for data scientists. The first seminar will be held on Wednesday 7 November 2018  starting at 9:00 in Think Corner (Yliopistonkatu 4) and the event will focus on giving an overview of CSC services for data scientists. This will be followed by two seminars in Spring 2019 pertaining to deep learning and GPU computing. 

CSC Overview: Compute and Storage Services for Data Scientists

Atte Sillanpää, Shubham Kapoor + other specialists from CSC

The CSC computing environment offers Sisu and Taito supercomputers (with a large selection of scientific software preinstalled in the environment), cPouta IaaS cloud services for everyday research usecases & ePouta IaaS cloud service for sensitive data processing use cases. CSC's computing environments are complemented with GPUs capacity & local SSDs providing leverage for intensive data processing workloads. In this workshop we explain how to use CSC's computing environments and its PetaByte scaled storage environments (parallel file system, node local discs, tape archive, object storage, SSD, burst buffers, etc.). The presentation will also feature getting access and account management, logging into CSC's supercomputing environment (ssh, NoMachine), using the module system (initialising applications), interactive usage, submitting and monitoring batch jobs, estimating batch job requirements, programming environment for compiling your own applications, setting up virtual resources in CSC's cloud environment, building up your application stack in cloud environments etc. The event contains presentations and demos and naturally the possibility to ask questions.

Cyber security is an enabler of the digital future that minimizes risks and threats when operating in cyber-environment. Critical issues include data privacy and controlling the data delivered by devices when AI can search and combine data in ways not yet seen. Trends of Cyber Security will bring you the latest knowledge and issues about global cyber security field with the following key note speakers:

Matti Aksela, Vice President, Artificial Intelligence, F-Secure

Hanna Smith, Director of Strategic Planning and Responses, Hybrid CoE
Valtteri Niemi, Professor, University of Helsinki
Arto Hellas, Senior Lecturer, University of Helsinki

Trends of Cyber Security -seminar is part of Cyber Security Base with F-Secure MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) which is a high class and up-to-date course about cyber security. Cyber Security Base with F-Secure MOOC is free and open for everyone and it is a part of study program of University of Helsinki. More info about the Cyber Security Base with F-Secure MOOC

The "Drones in Urban Environment" -event  aims is to become the most significant seminar and discussion event in Finland about drones and related issues. The event introduces Finnish and European excellence and opens the EU's public debate on this topic. In the event, the keynotes and discussion were joined by leading figures from business, academia and the public sphere:

  • Opening speech by Finnish prime minister Juha Sipilä
  • Development in smart mobility, Vassilis Agouridas, senior manager in strategy and innovation at Airbus,
  • Drone ambitions in emerging industries, professor Alf Rehn.

The event was organized by the University of Helsinki, HIDATA and partners: Allied ICT Finland, Arctic Drone Labs and RPAS Finland ry.

HiDATA Kick-Off event will give you an overview of data science as a new interdisciplinary field focusing on methodologies for extracting knowledge and insights from data thus contributing to different areas of science.

Part one

Part two

  • Overview for Afternoon Programme, Indrė Žliobaitė, Assistant Professor, University of Helsinki
  • Workshops