Clinical laboratories

The laboratory activities of the Department of Equine and Small Animal Medicine are mainly concentrated in clinical laboratories. The Central Laboratory offers clinical laboratory diagnostics to the Veterinary Teaching Hospital and researchers. Clinical microbiology services are also available to external clients. Analytics supporting the Department’s research have been concentrated in the Clinical Research Laboratory.

The Central Laboratory of the Department of Equine and Small Animal Medicine provides laboratory services in clinical chemistry, haematology and clinical microbiology to the Veterinary Teaching Hospital, researchers of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine and, as a limited fee-based service, to veterinarians and researchers outside the Faculty.

The reliable analysis of patient and research samples helps contribute to high-quality hospital and research activities. In addition to daily quality assurance efforts, the Central Laboratory participates in external quality assessment exercises.

The procedures performed at the laboratory include the most common determinations of clinical chemistry and haematology based on animal blood samples as well as urine and stool samples.   Samples taken in connection with special procedures, such as bronchoalveolar lavage and fine-needle aspiration biopsies, are used to investigate cells, for example. A veterinary pathologist interprets cytological samples together with specialists in the discipline of pathology at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine.

The laboratory analyses bacteriological samples taken from companion and hobby animals.  Diagnostics is based on matrix-assisted laser desorption/ionisation (MALDI-TOF). The laboratory actively participates in research and teaching in the field, and also plays an important social role in the development of education and diagnostics in veterinary clinical microbiology. In addition, the laboratory promotes awareness of microbial drug resistance and the responsible use of antibiotics, and is responsible for the control of drug resistance with regard to bacteria affecting pets and companion animals in Finland.

The examinations performed by the laboratory include common aerobic and anaerobic cultures as well as sensitivity determinations. The laboratory’s client channel is an easy tool for writing referrals and viewing test results. Instructions for registering can be found on the client channel’s front page.  

The Clinical Research Laboratory is located in the Clinicum building in Viikki under the auspices of the Department of Equine and Small Animal Medicine.  The Laboratory performs tests and examinations related to ongoing research projects. The researchers and permanent research staff working in the laboratory are drawn from both the Department of Equine and Small Animal Medicine and the Department of Production Animal Medicine. The examinations performed include analyses based on bacteriology, molecular biology, protein chemistry, immunology, and gas and liquid chromatography.

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