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Applicants interested in teaching and research duties at the Faculty of Theology are kindly requested to follow the Faculty’s instructions, available below, regarding the academic portfolio, the assessment of teaching skills and the list of publications. The webpages also provide a description of the appointment of professors in the Faculty.

You may also be interested in the University of Helsinki’s instructions and vacancies.

An academic portfolio is an account similar to an academic report, in which the author documents his or her core professional competence and reviews his or her academic work (research, teaching, administrative duties and other tasks) as a whole.

Applicants must prepare a portfolio for each post they apply for, and in the portfolio indicate their merits in view of the post applied for. The maximum length of the portfolio is 4­–7 pages (plus appendices, as instructed). In the section on teaching and supervision, applicants should pay attention to the Faculty’s instructions regarding the assessment of teaching merits.

At the University of Helsinki, teaching skills are assessed when recruiting teaching and research staff, as well as when applying for the title of docent. Teaching skills are assessed as a whole, taking into account pedagogical training and thinking, teaching experience and the development of teaching, experience in thesis and dissertation supervision, the ability to produce learning material, other teaching merits and a demonstration of teaching skills. A five-step scale, in which the grade of Good represents the intermediate level (Regulations on Degrees and the Protection of Students’ Rights, section 37), will be used for the assessment. The assessment of teaching skills is governed by the Regulations of the University of Helsinki.

Good teaching skills are a requirement for teaching positions at the Faculty. Appointees to permanent positions and those applying for the title of docent must have at least good teaching skills in accordance with the Faculty’s assessment matrix for teaching skills. In addition, the length of appointees’ academic careers and opportunities for the development of teaching skills will be taken into account for applicants to tenure track and university instructor positions. Furthermore, consideration will be given in the assessment to applicants’ potential to develop teaching skills and their potential related to these skills as such.