The Computational Transformation of the Public Sphere

The Computational Transformation of the Public Sphere:  How Information Technologies Transform Democracy, Markets, and Interpersonal Relationships is a book written by the MA students of Global Politics and Communication and edited by university lecturer S.M. Amadae.

This edited collection of MA student articles from Global Politics and Communication celebrates the 75th anniversary of University of Helsinki’s Faculty of Social Sciences.  It offers timely explorations into the impact of digital technologies on government, civil society, and social relationships. 

Participating in team research conducted in the fall 2019 course Philosophy of Politics and Communication, these MA students excelled in posing challenging questions addressing how the public sphere, markets, and interpersonal relations are transformed by information and communication technologies.  These innovative research papers identify hopes to be realized and pitfalls to be avoided as human civilizations takes unprecedented steps in the twenty-first century, reorganizing democracy, knowledge sharing, and social networking by implementing algorithmic decision-making and digital platforms.  Topics covered include Sophia, the Saudi Arabian robotic citizen; greenwashing; democratic governance; social media; the #MeToo movement; and the Incel movement. 

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Cover of the book Computational Transformation of Public Sphere