Faculty of Social Sciences Book Fair

Book Fair of the Faculty of Social Sciences


The online book fair of the Faculty of Social Sciences will provide a wide-ranging overview of the Faculty’s research. Each year, our staff publish a number of high-quality scholarly works which we wish to bring to the attention of the academic and wider communities. The publications presented at the fair represent 13 fields of science, so the topics are highly diverse. We hope that you will find a thought-provoking book to support your studies, work or community activities. We wish you enjoyable and insightful reading experiences!


Join us for presentations of social scientific literature and conversations with authors! On the day of the book fair, 26 November from 14.00 to 18.00, authors and readers can come together for discussions in theme-specific Zoom sessions. The programme will include short introductions to the works, after which the audience can ask questions. The detailed timetable can be found here

The registration for the Zoom event ended on November 23. Additional information and session-specific Zoom links have been sent to the registered participants by e-mail.

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Welcome to the book fair

The book fair of the Faculty of Social Sciences will be held for the first time in 2020 - in the same year that the Faculty celebrates its 75th anniversary!

Welcome to the book fair!

Dean Marjaana Seppänen invites you to join the Faculty of Social Science's book fair.